That One Day When I Became Wi-Fi Mom

I love all my children, but this blog is about my youngest, Desibear. He is my 5-year-old Einstein who is NBA bound. No, really! He can count to 200, write his name, keep score on any sports game, identify numbers and letters, name the roster of just about every NBA team, work addition problems to 10 and last, but not least, he can score on a 10-foot goal! I told ya he was special!
I am divorced from his dad and after the separation in 2013, I moved back to Southern Indiana at the end of 2014.  When I went to work, my mom kept him for me and life was good! Tragedy struck in the form of my dad being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After a surgical procedure, he pulled through, but not long after, my mom fell ill. I didn’t have a backup plan, and I couldn’t afford child care, so I had a tough decision to make.
I called Desibear’s dad and we discussed the option of—dare I say it—moving my son there with him. THAT was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. None of my older children had ever left my side when they were little. Ever. Now, the thought of moving my baby 100 miles away was almost unbearable. Thankfully, his dad is, without a doubt, the most phenomenal dad on the planet! He is the one who taught him all the things I listed up top. He is the one who has taught my little guy the manners of a gentleman.
I talk to my baby almost every day. I send him little care packages of toys and love. I say a prayer for him every night. I cheer for him over the phone when he is playing basketball, posing as Stephen Curry. We play fun games and sometimes we even get to video chat.  My absolute favorite thing is when he says “Mommy, you know who I love? You.” So, while I cannot reach out and touch him on a whim, the connection is still there…just like Wi-Fi.


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