That One Day When Our Free Wills Converged and I Realized What I Believe

You know how you’re just going about, minding your own business, and out of nowhere, you enter the Twilight Zone? That moment when you feel like you’ve been here before? It is the strangest, coolest feeling that some people call Déjà vu. What’s super cool is when you know what’s going to happen next!
So, in today’s Philosophy discussion, we are talking about predetermination and free will. This has always been fascinating to me, mainly because there is not just one answer. It can be an endless discussion. What blows my mind is when we talk about free will and the Déjà vu experience, is everyone involved in your Déjà vu having one of their own?
Think about it. For us all to meet in one random place, it took an infinite number of free will choices from each person to be in that place where you experience a Déjà vu! The next time I experience one, I am going to ask someone there if they are having one too!
One of the students in the discussion does not believe in the concept of predetermination. I commented that it’s like having a plan for your life. At some point, we make a life plan and truly believe it will end up just the way we planned it. Then, reality takes over, things go awry and that solid plan is no longer what we created because, not only is our free will in play, but, also, the free will of others.
It would take an omnipresent, omniscient Being to keep things moving in the flawless dance that is life. This is why I believe in God. I cannot claim to understand everything about Him, or to answer the tough questions, but when I look at my beautiful children, when I am walking on the sandy beaches of Florida at sunset, or, watching the snowflakes fall in winter (I refuse to believe that an accidental explosion could make each snowflake unique), and those undeniable, inexplicable Déjà vu experiences, I cannot deny the existence of this awe-inspiring Being.


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