That One Day When I Gave Birth To A Moonbeam

October 29, 1993 started off like any other day in the life of a 9-month pregnant woman whose baby was 2 days overdue. Wake up early, walk circles in the backyard, hoping gravity will do its job and release the ball of preciousness trying to make permanent residence in my womb.
My husband at that time was working in Indianapolis, and for 3 straight Fridays, thinking I was in labor, he would rush home (100 miles away in southern Indiana) to find his wife in the throes of Braxton Hicks contractions. The ones that are ‘fake’ and only prepare you for the ‘real’ ones. Ironically, when I was actually in labor a week later, I was completely oblivious. Maybe it was because I was doing my favorite thing: shopping at Value City Department Store. I miss that place. But I digress.
Who knew that all it would take to start the process was to do what would later become my precious daughter’s favorite thing? Anyway, we were shopping in the shoe department and I felt a very painful cramp that made me stop in my tracks. No, cramp is not the word to describe what felt like two giant hands reaching into my being and twisting my uterus with the strength of Goliath, causing me to take a break in breathing and immediately halting any movement and brain activity. My eyes expanded outside the orbit of my sockets. It felt like forever, but only lasted 5 seconds, so in my delusional state, I continued shopping.
Five minutes later, Goliath was back. “Um…Chris? I need to sit down.” I’m laughing as I write this, because I still did not realize that I was in labor. I thought my body was still ‘preparing’ me for the real pain of labor. Starving, and maybe in a bit of denial, we decided to leave the store and head home, stopping by my favorite seafood-like restaurant, Captain D’s.
I ate like a ravished beast and upon arriving at home, I took a Tylenol for the annoying pain in my lower back. A few hours later, I sat straight up with a gasp when I found that Goliath had brought the rest of the Philistines to play. I got up from bed, checked my hospital bag and started pacing the floor, calling on David and his sling to rescue me from this agony. Not because it was in the middle of the night, but because the pain that the Philistines were inflicting upon me had stolen my voice, I whispered to my husband “We’ve got to go!”
My baby girl showed her gorgeous face at 1:55 pm on October 30, 1993. All 6 lbs 1.5 oz, barely over 17 inches of her. Funny, she is still a night owl who usually doesn’t awaken until 1:55 pm when she doesn’t have to work. She looked like a porcelain doll, but let the world know that she was a force to be reckoned with. That gorgeous baby girl has become a gorgeous young woman who, while tasting life, has experienced her share of darkness. She has recently been given the nickname Moonbeam by her best friend Rayelyn, but in her journey through this life, she has always been my moonbeam. Just like the beams from the moon light the Earth’s darkness in the most beautiful ways, Aeryn impacts the world with her special Light from above.


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