That One Day When the Cats were Talking

There are a couple of cats that hang out in the neighborhood. They roam the street aimlessly throughout the day, randomly choosing which yard they will occupy at any given moment. One is an orange tabby, the other a gray stripey sort. I’m not a big fan of kitty cats, so I usually pay them no mind. They keep mice away, so I let them wander. Sometimes Orange Tabby is on the roof across the street. Other times, he is under my daughter’s car whenever it is there. Gray Stripey Sort is usually absent. Maybe he is a night wanderer.
So, I was leaving for work this morning, and when I opened my garage, I heard men talking. It was dark out still, so I didn’t even try to make out any faces. “I don’t know, the roads are probably too wet”, I heard one voice say. “umhmm (and some unintelligible words in a deep voice)”, he answered.
I get into my car and back carefully out of my driveway because my daughter’s car is on one side and the garbage can on the other. I swear I’m not crazy. Really, I’m not, but when I got onto the street I looked out my side window. I looked out my rear window.
There are no men. Anywhere. I see two cats walking down the street. Tails swinging happily in the air.


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