That One Day When City Met Country and I Was Awake and Decided to Write Random Stuff

I love being out, way out in the country. There’s nothing like it. The bugs are friendlier, the grass is greener, the mornings are morning-er, well, you get the picture!
I’m sitting here in bed thinking of how lovely it is out here and—wait! Is that thunder? Have I ever mentioned how much I love thunderstorms? I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS. It is about to do my favorite thing while I am in my favorite place! I don’t think my day could get any better!
I was having a terrible day yesterday. You know how one bad thing leads to another and the next thing you know, you’re walking through the store and your flip flop breaks? I already have a hard time walking sometimes because of Esmeralda (MS) AND I was already having a bad day. Thankfully I was pushing a cart (with my cane nestled inside) and I didn’t fall, but I’m sure it was a funny sight. Push, step, shuffle, smile. Repeat.
There is a mouse in my house. Remember the story about the cats talking outside my house last week? Up to that day, there were no mice anywhere near my house. Orange Tabby and Gray Stripy Sort have yet to be seen since I outed them and now there is a mouse in my house. I woke up Monday morning (a week after the talking cat incident), went to take a shower, and a tiny field mouse jumped out of my linen closet and took off somewhere. “Aaccckkk!!! Big, dumb, stupid mouse!” I took my shower and sent an email to my daddy. “I saw a mouse. He needs to die.” I really just wanted some advice, but my very strong, fearless daddy came to my rescue. My daddy said that mice like warm, dark places. That night, I set the A/C on 58 degrees and turned on every light in the house! I haven’t seen that critter since.


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