That One Day When Strawberries, Cream Cheese and Pretzels United and Changed My Perception

Strawberry Love dessert. That is what it should be called. Strawberries, cream cheese, Jell-O, and love on a pretzel crust. It is the perfect combination of sweet and salty.
My brother and his wife were in town recently for Mother’s Day and she made this life changing dessert. While we were all at the park enjoying the perfect weather and the perfect dessert, I realized some things. I was watching Mike and Jennifer interact and I found that I liked what I saw. I said to Mike “You guys have a thing. I like it. I didn’t always like it, but now, I do. It’s cool.”
The decisions we make in life are seldom simple. They seldom make much sense and often, they hurt the ones closest to us. I have learned not to judge the decisions of others because every choice we make is part of the beautiful life dance that is the Will of God. His Will is an unstoppable force, that in the aftermath, is something more beautiful than we could ever imagine.
From now on, when I enjoy this amazing sweetness, I will think of Mike and Jennifer and their perfect combination of sweet and salty. The combination that changed my perception of the way things “should” be.


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