That One Day When I Realized the MS Tax is a Price Worth Paying

I mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts that I ran, but had to pay MS tax. For those who don’t know, when an MSer participates in any activity, there is a physical price to pay that we refer to as MS tax. Something you must pay no matter what, just like paying the IRS.
There are different levels of tax payment. For instance, a dinner out with friends may not cost as much physically as, say, a trip to the grocery store. I found this out last week when, on a good day, I decided to refill my pantry. I thought that if I leaned on the grocery cart, it would alleviate my cost. This may have worked…if the carts had been self-propelled. I didn’t count on how much effort I would have to make to actually PUSH the cart!
About 10 minutes into my stroll through the store, my feet and lower legs (that are always numb and tingly) started screaming. “Did someone light the floor on fire?” my feet screeched. I checked to see if anyone around me had heard the outburst. I powered on trying to ignore the obscenities being yelled at me from below. “Ack! What is she doing up there? Somebody do something to make her stop!” There they go again, squealing like pigs being led to slaughter. But did I listen and cut my trip short? Heck no! My stubborn side said to my mostly absent logical side, “Girl, you can do this!”
Once I finished my shopping (an hour or so later) and arrived back at home, my now angry logical side answered, “Girl, what were you thinking?! We can’t do this!” The tax was extremely high for this activity. About 2 and a half days later, it was finally paid in full. I was told by one of my very good friends, that from now on, grocery shopping would now be known as Girlfriends’ Day. I would be placed safely in one of those buggies with the basket on front, and made to behave. I love my friends.
The tax due on dinner with friends is much lower, usually paid within hours, as long as I rest immediately afterward. A 2-hour road trip tax can be paid in about a day. If I have to drive (which I try to avoid), I add another day of tax. Life with Multiple Sclerosis requires major adjustments. I have found that the more you fight it, the harder it fights back. Finding the balance includes having respect for the disease, knowing your limits, and learning to be okay with them.
I have also found that giving it a name helps. I named my MS Esmeralda. There are days when Esmeralda and I go head to head (she usually wins, but at least I fight). There are more days, though, that she and I co-exist in peace. She usually keeps quiet if I include her in my decision-making process. The MS tax keeps me in check. As long as I have loving friends and family supporting me, it is a price I will gladly pay.


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  1. Thanks so much I really really enjoy your blog , I can relate to taxes , I will in no wise compare my conditions to yours I am trying to catch up from an automobile accident two weeks ago you are such a great inspiration

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